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The CompanytSTD has been successfully testing people since February 2004. There are over 300 references to our service on MEDHELP.ORG website in the past 4 years.No clear location or business information. Marketing company which hands off your testing to another company.
Tests and PricestSTD has the lowest price tests panels using only the best tests through both national laboratories. And the pricing is always all-inclusive. Never any charge for changes or cancellation.Low ($24) teaser prices offered on single, outdated tests. Full panel prices higher than tSTD and actual tests are not disclosed. Reflex tests are extra cost and time. Charge for changes or cancellations.
Privacy PolicytSTD is an independent, private corporation with our own agreements with physicians and laboratories. Your information is never used for any other purpose than accurately processing your testing and getting you your results.Your information is disclosed and used for "undisclosed" business purposes under a variety of named and unnamed conditions. Other companies handling your actual test requisition and results.
CounselorstSTD provides quick response by trained, experienced, full-time STD counseling staff to make sure testing is valuable and works flawlessly.Phone personnel are not knowledgeable about the lab locations and the actual tests used. Staff not focused solely on STDs.
Terms and ConditionsClear, all-inclusive pricing. If we are unable to get you your results for any reason, we will retest you at no charge to you.What happens when something goes wrong or retesting is required? Charges for cancellations or changes
Test Panels and OptionstSTD offers a small number of easily understood panels. We make it easy to understand what to get tested for and when to get tested. Specific tests (such as HerpeSelect and BD ProbeTec) used for best performance consistently throughout the country.No clear statement of which tests are ordered at which lab for which STDs. Catalog of confusing tests and panels offered. STD tests mixed with other medical tests. Tests are often generic versions with inconsistent performance in different labs.
Laboratories and Test LocationstSTD uses the two top national medical laboratories for test processing/results. Nine years of refining the systems and processes to work with these lab companies to ensure accurate, confidential, on-time results throughout the country.Outdated list of some national laboratory test locations. Difficult to see hours and break times clearly.
Test Location VisitsComplete control of the process and communication with PSC by the counselor. PSC availability and location on tSTD site. Quick rescheduling when requested by patient. True "hotline" support.Customers are handed off to hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices which act as PSCs. Typically, requisitions must be mailed to customer prior to PSC visit.
Customer IdentitytSTD performs all testing and manages results using a 13-digit PIN, assigned at the time of order. Only you know that you got tested and only you see your results.Full name and billing information typically required. Results show this name and address information.
ResultstSTD delivers results in two business days delivered to the customer ASAP by qualified counselor. Online, secure, easily understood RESULTS REPORT which can be shared securely with a partner. Ability to fax original lab report at customer’s request.Mail or fax only of actual lab results (difficult to read and interpret). Name is only point of validation that results are correct.
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