Why is tSTD Different?

  • STD testing is all we do. We know this isn't like other medical testing.
  • We never try to sell you. If you talk to us, you will be talking to a very experienced counselor who can answer your questions without prejudice or judgement.
  • tSTD's price is all-inclusive and we employ the best tests.
  • Getting tested simply couldn't be easier. We handle all the paperwork and process for you. Results are quick and clear.
  • The nation's most trusted laboratories perform all the blood draws and labwork.
  • We use a 13-digit PIN to identify you and we do not share your information with anyone.

How does tSTD get you tested?

First, you ask us to get you tested. You do that by either speaking with a counselor or by completing the online order form on this site or our mobile site (m.tstd.org).

Second, you call or text with us 30 minutes before your visit to the test center. This allows us to verify your information and your visit time and make sure you understand when and how your results will be handled.

Third, after your test center visit, we text or email you so you know when to expect your results. When they are complete, we prefer to talk with you by phone about your results first. Then we can make them available electronically. If you do have a positive result, you are in complete control of your options.

Three ways tSTD keeps this simple.

  1. Our agreements with laboratories and doctors do not require the complications (such as requiring IDs or doctor consultation) that other companies require. We don't have other companies involved in your testing. We stay in control.
  2. Our systems and processes are specialized for STD testing. Our counselors, our text messaging system, our phone system, and our results system are completely built around testing for STDs. When you call us, we know why you're calling.
  3. We take complete responsibility for your successful testing.
tSTD Chat info

tSTD Chat can do things

no other chat software does:

  1. tSTD Chat is part of the website itself. So it is fast, requires little bandwidth, and works anywhere. Even mobile.
  2. tSTD Chat allows agents and visitors to exchange information in real-time with absolute privacy and security.
  3. tSTD Chat allows visitors to respond right away or continue the conversation later. Messages received while "offline" are there to see when they return "online".
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