Why is it a problem for partners, or potential new partners, to get tested for STDs?

If you are testing as an individual, you are the primary beneficiary of your results. That is why private STD testing is focused around keeping your testing isolated from anyone else.

But when you want to get tested with a partner or with a potential new partner, then you need to make sure that you can rely on your partner’s results.

In fact, people who want to get tested as partners have some special needs that individuals simply do not.

For example.

They want to be sure that they are both being tested in exactly the same manner for the same tests.

They want to get consistent information and counseling from start to finish.

They want to be able to see their partner's actual results and be able to rely on their accuracy.

And, they do not have time for going through two separate testing processes, getting the results, then figuring out how to share the results?

How does tSTD make it easy and reliable for partners to get tested together?

All you have to do is call or chat with one of our counselors and ask to have your testing set up together as partners. We will set up your testing together and schedule your test center visit at the same time.

You can even order first individually (online on our website or mobile site) and then call in together (when you confirm your test center visit) to be tested as partners. Or just call us and let a counselor do it over the phone.

When you set your testing up with your partner at tSTD, you can be assured that your partner, or potential new partner, is tested for the same tests you are and their results will be reliable and ready at the same time.

Since you have made the decision to share your PIN, you are allowing your partner access to your results. But they do not have the ability to modify them in any way.

Your test results can only be identified by your PIN (and whatever personal information you choose to put on them). If you decide you only want to use your PIN and your date of birth, we can accommodate that.

Payment and notification of results status can be done as two individuals or jointly to one payment method and one SMS number or email address.

In the event that one partner's results are available before the other, we can hold it until both partner's results are final. Just tell us that is your preference when you order.

Results are delivered according to your preferences, but we recommend that each of you call in separately to receive and discuss them individually, then make them available to your partner. Even if you're all negative.

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tSTD Chat can do things

no other chat software does:

  1. tSTD Chat is part of the website itself. So it is fast, requires little bandwidth, and works anywhere. Even mobile.
  2. tSTD Chat allows agents and visitors to exchange information in real-time with absolute privacy and security.
  3. tSTD Chat allows visitors to respond right away or continue the conversation later. Messages received while "offline" are there to see when they return "online".
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