What information is required for STD testing

If you are paying directly for your testing, such as with tSTD, then you decide what information you want on your records and how you pay.

If the authorizing physician is only authorizing STD screening counseling and testing, such as with tSTD, then the only requirement is properly identifying your records for security and accuracy. If you do test positive and require a physician, we help you get one. They can start with your tSTD lab results in your diagnosis and treatment.

So why do other sites require (and collect) more information about people who get tested than tSTD does?

Other sites offer doctor consultation and treatment so they have to meet the information requirements of a doctor-patient relationship. That is why tSTD doesn't force you to accept this relationship, as other testing companies do.

Other sites have to meet the identity requirements of the insurance companies because they offer other (non-STD) tests that are submitted for insurance. (Asymptomatic STD testing is not covered under health insurance.)

Other sites do not actually handle your testing and your test information. They simply market to you, collect as much of your information as they can, and hand it off to a testing company.

What does tSTD Services do to protect your information?

We have eliminated third parties from having access to your information.
All of our tracking and chat/text systems were developed by us, in-house. So we don’t have to share your information in order to talk with you and get you tested.

We control your testing.
Our counselors communicate directly with the lab test locations so we can get you tested with your PIN and the minimum information required to accurately identify your order. (This also makes your visit to the test center take less time and go much more smoothly). You may choose to have your actual name and address on your test results. You may choose not to.

There are no loopholes in our privacy policy.
There are no undisclosed "business partnerships" or "business purposes" for which your data is used. If you are a repeat customer, (thank you, but) we will not recognize you when you order or call. Each order is identified by our 13-digit PIN, and only that information which you choose.

What's the privacy risk with other testing companies?

They "collect" more information about you than just what you typed in to their site.
A look at their privacy policies will show you that they collect and store information that comes from your computer when browsing any site. Not just theirs. Even if you don't order from them.

Since they don't control your testing, they're not in control of your information.
They are typically a marketing site that hands you off to a "back-office" testing operation. That means that the people you are talking to when you order are NOT the people who will be getting you to the test center and giving you your results.

Finally, they throw long, complicated privacy policies and HIPAA terminology at you.
But they don't keep your information private. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is important legislation in many ways, but it does not stop a testing company from disclosing your information and test results to whomever they decide to. One look at their privacy policies will make this clear.

tSTD Chat info

tSTD Chat can do things

no other chat software does:

  1. tSTD Chat is part of the website itself. So it is fast, requires little bandwidth, and works anywhere. Even mobile.
  2. tSTD Chat allows agents and visitors to exchange information in real-time with absolute privacy and security.
  3. tSTD Chat allows visitors to respond right away or continue the conversation later. Messages received while "offline" are there to see when they return "online".
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