Do you need STD testing?

Determining the right course of action starts with your individual situation.

Maybe you had unsafe sex a few weeks ago and are going to be anxious until you make sure you don't have an STD.

Or, maybe you have a new partner and want to exchange results reliably and securely. Maybe you want to get tested, but you don't know if the medication you are on interferes with STD testing.

Ask a tSTD counselor (text, phone, or chat) and we'll be glad to help you decide if, and when, testing might help your situation. We never try to sell you.

Where can you get tested for STDs?

Many situations are best handled with a doctor visit.
Good doctors are a huge asset. We urge you to consult with yours, even if it's potentially embarrassing. Anyone with obvious symptoms should see a physician before getting tested.

However, many doctors are restricted from seeing patients outside their insurance plans and your visit would have to be submitted to your insurance company. Many doctors won't test for STDs without evidence of symptoms. Some doctors aren't really a good source for counseling when it comes to unsafe sex and the risks of STDs.

Why not just go to a free or low-cost clinic in your area?
Some communities, such as San Francisco, have very good facilities for answering questions and getting tested for STDs. But the availability and quality of these public resources is becoming very limited.

If public or semi-public resources are available in your area, this may be a way to get counseling and testing for a small amount of money. These facilities do typically require at least two visits to their facilities and capture all of your private information for reporting. Results typically take two weeks and often require a return visit to get them.

tSTD works well if you do not have obvious symptoms or if you are seeking a second opinion on testing you have already had. We are also a good source of information when trying to determine if testing is required or when would be the right time to get tested.

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